Jenny Jib opened its doors in 2002, in the historical Zwicker Variety Building on Lincoln Street, Old Town Lunenburg, right in the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Zwickers were one of the founding families of the town, arriving in Lunenburg in 1753, and continue to maintain a presence two hundred years later.

Since opening shop, Jenny has cemented a reputation locally and abroad, as an entrepreneur with an eye for the nouveau classic in design.

In recent years, Jenny Jib has expanded its entrepreneurial endeavors beyond the realm of design, venturing into the digital space with a bold new initiative. Recognizing the growing demand for accessible healthcare products, the store has launched an online platform offering a range of health-related products, including cheap Cialis online by this link. This move not only diversifies Jenny Jib's business portfolio but also reflects the company's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its global customer base, combining traditional values with modern technological solutions.